Calibration @ Micron

The word ‘Quality’ is the new buzzword in the consumer based market. Every industry is striving to achieve Quality in their entire product / service, with the increase of Quality consciousness in customer.

One of the mandatory requirements of the certification is that the quality control instruments used should be in a known state of calibration with traceability. In this direction especially the manufacturing units are being equipped with instruments like dial gauges, vernier calipers, micrometers, vernier height gauges, comparator stands, plain gauges, granite & cast iron surface plates etc…

But usually these instruments will be subject to wear and tear and will loose their preciseness. To put them back to their original standard they need to be service as well as calibrated. Such traceable calibrations are carried out for the industry in MICRON MEASUREMENTS. There are very few concerns in promoters being qualified and experienced in this line.
Sales @ Micron

Micron Measurements Services ensure maximum calibration of all measuring instruments and manufacturing, reconditioning & suppliers for all types of gauges. with innovative sales and marketing process improvement to get 100% quality and on time delivery to customer.

Well defined sales and marketing process documentation and timely audit with check list on sales process to maintain 100% quality and 100% productivity.